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Since 1992 we have developed and provide IT solutions for the Spanish market, business-oriented service, innovation and promoting solutions to aid in the management and decision making in the industrial and business.

Develop and market solutions to integrate hardware, software implementation analysis and to measure whether and standart of Management, BI, eBussines, Production / ERP, CRM, ... intregrales and solutions tailored to the specific needs of any business.

Taking the inventory management and control solutions for small businesses and medium enterprises, all supported by our current customer installations, with important references.

Promotion of information technology by specializing in publications and websites the same as BI or forumbi.com Magazine.

Providing tools for dissemination through ITCpress.com o publimail.org..

Not forgetting eBussines applications for various clients and developed its own portal on the Internet as al3sium.com, nomina.me ...