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     Systems Consulting

We get involved with our clients in finding the production and management processes more efficient.     We analyze the processes, identifying their parameters and do pricipalmente of the optimizations needed in addition to BI tools (Business Intelligence), as well as promoting them.

     Software Development

We develop custom applications in all environments and supply of most software manufacturers,providing support to most environments and operating systems, applications and Open Source Software.
Recommending software and the highest ROI yield figure.

     Systems Integration

With our experience and distribution agreements with major OEMs and systems, we integrated hardware solutions for high availability and performance, satisfying the exigencies environments.  
Also we integrated our own trademark in Spain:  /nbsp; OSI

     ISP - Internet Services

Maintain its own infrastructure to provide our customers with domain hosting and sharing equipment owned or rented by different providers in ensuring an efficient service. Providing domain name registration and infrastructure agreements itself.